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Mission Statement

Driven by our client’s needs we are committed to providing more efficient and cost-effective production operations within the oil and gas exploration market. Our in-house research and development department designs and manufactures down-hole technologies that create our service advantage.

Oil Rebel Innovations Ltd. combines experienced personnel, customer focus and industry leading technology to guarantee superior project results to our oil and gas clients.

ALII is a new patented technology that isolates the production tubing string in an oil well providing positive well control and eliminating the need to “kill the well” prior to breaking containment at the wellhead.

ALII is extremely environmentally friendly and is committed to reducing the environmental footprint by decreasing the use of local water supplies significantly. The use of the ALII Tool also eliminates the disposal of recovered kill fluids which in turn allows for extended use of the disposal well.

Marketing and Sales Representative

Revelation Management Ltd.

Revelation Management Ltd. is the sales and marketing firm appointed by Oil Rebel Innovations to manage and oversee the distribution of all manufactured products globally.